Aqualine Electricians offer 24/7 emergency services and same-day services. So when your life grinds to a halt because of electrical problems, our licensed, trained, and highly experienced professionals will get you back on track as soon as possible.


Commercial Electrical Services

As skilled and licensed electrical technicians, our Commercial Electrical Technicians are fully prepared to assist you. Offering a large range of commercial electrical services.

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Electrical Panel Safety Inspections

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Our electricians will provide your company with a thorough electrical panel inspection to ensure your system is up to the electrical panel’s standards. If we find something that is not up to panel, we can upgrade while on the job site.


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Electrician Renton WA

Are you having troubles with your home appliances? Do you have an MCB that keeps tripping? Did you get an electric shock? You are in need of an electrician.
Do not worry. These issues are common. All appliances are machines. All machines are prone to faults. What you should care about is fixing them. Certainly, you cannot do it on your own. The job is far too dangerous. The risk of electrocution always exists. The best approach is to hire a good technician. A good technician will check out the issue. He will easily find the root of fault and fix it. Your issues will go away in no time. But for this to happen, you cannot rely on any random technician. You need the services of an expert. You can hire such an expert with electrician Renton WA.
With us, you can get your buildings checked. We conduct thorough inspections. After that, the root-cause of the issue is taken care of. We ensure that your appliances provide the best performance. Our technicians make sure that you and your family are safe and secure. Electrician Renton never compromises with safety. We take care of all the wires and connection. We never leave any scope for accident. When you hire us, you get a promise of safety for yourself and your family.
Apart from being safe, you also need to follow regulations. Wiring and appliances regulations are set by the WA. You have to ensure that your home/office follows these regulations. Otherwise, you are liable to get a fine. Renton electrician provides regulatory inspections as well. We are well-aware of the norms that you have to follow. Our technicians keep up-to-date with the latest regulations. We will issue you a certificate of compliance once we are done. Post that, you can sit back and relax.
Safety of your office and family is on top priority. You need to keep them safe from burglars. To ensure this, electrician Renton provides security solutions. We have the best CCTV cameras. Along with installing them, we also provide demos. We teach you how to operate and monitor them. With this, you always have an eye on your building and belongings. We also provide smart locks and deadbolts. The days of the lock & key system are gone. Now you can be safe with smart deadbolts. These operate either via a pass-code or your fingerprint. This way, you can always ensure there is no trespassing. We take your security to the next level.
Get your building re-wired with our experts
In old buildings, wires wear out. This calls for a need to re-wire the house. All the wires need changing. This is not an easy task. Only an expert can carry out this task with perfection. This is why you can trust us with it. Our experts have experience of handling all types of wiring systems. We will re-wire your house within a few days. Once we are done, your wiring system will be new and durable. We also provide wiring solutions for new buildings. When you are constructing a new place, you need to ensure everything is ideal. This applies for the wiring system as well. You can trust us with the wiring of new buildings. We will provide the perfect solutions for you.
Services offered
We offer repair and installation services for a number of devices. We have a large team of technicians. Each of them is an expert. This is why we can handle all types of devices. When you call us with an issue, you will get a solution. We make sure our customers never return without it. With us, you can get services for:
For commercial buildings:
- Solar panels
- Motor controls
- Chillers
- Boilers
- Surge protector
- Voltage controllers


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Interior and exterior lighting


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For residential building:
- Custom design
- Circuit breakers
- New meters
- Sauna
- Smoke detectors
- Phone networks
- Wiring
For commercial building:
- Light renovation
- Emergency lighting
- Fire alarms
- AC lines
- Intercoms
When you hire us, you get the promise of honesty. We maintain a transparent and fair working system. We never overcharge for any service. All our prices are reasonable. Our technicians are honest. We carry a background check before we hire any person. You can trust us with the work inside your house. You will always get the safety assurance of electrician Renton WA.
We use the best quality of spares and replacements. All our parts are 100% genuine and reliable. When you hire us, you will not get a chance to complain. Our replacements will increase the life of your appliances. You will thank yourself for choosing our service.
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