Aqualine Electricians offer 24/7 emergency services and same-day services. So when your life grinds to a halt because of electrical problems, our licensed, trained, and highly experienced professionals will get you back on track as soon as possible.


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As skilled and licensed electrical technicians, our Commercial Electrical Technicians are fully prepared to assist you. Offering a large range of commercial electrical services.

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Electrical Panel Safety Inspections

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Our electricians will provide your company with a thorough electrical panel inspection to ensure your system is up to the electrical panel’s standards. If we find something that is not up to panel, we can upgrade while on the job site.


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Electrician Kent WA

Smart devices are the technology of today. They are trending for all the right reasons. Smart devices make your life easy. They also make you more safe and secure. One such example is that of smart deadbolts. These locks do not work with keys. They are based on passwords. This way, they are almost impossible to breach. The newer locks are even better. They are based on your fingerprint. No-one except you can open the lock in such cases. Smart deadbolts are just an example. Many such devices are trending.
Getting these devices at your home is not easy. These are fairly new in the market. This is why the ordinary technician cannot work them up. You need an expert. Only an expert can provide ideal installations. If not installed properly, you will never get the best performance out of it. Hiring a good electrician becomes necessary. Now, you might get all this as confusing. Where are you going to find the ideal workman? The answer is electrician Kent WA.
Kent electrician is always up to date. We are a company with many technicians in our team. We keep our employees updated with the latest technologies. We can provide you with ideal installation of smart devices. We can cater to all your needs for smart devices. We are familiar with the latest products in the markets. You can get an idea by giving us a call. We will provide you with a list of new products that you can avail. We also provide free advice. Our technician will ask for your needs. Based on that, he will recommend you with the best product. With our smart devices, your life will become easier and more secure.
Smart devices are delicate. Their installation is not like ordinary appliances. It requires proper care and expertise. If not done properly, the device can be damaged. We know the right way to install these devices. We also provide our customers with demonstrations. We know that using these smart devices is tough initially. You need a lot of time getting to know about their usage. Our expert will help you through that phase. After installation, we will teach you how to best use the product. There are no extra charges for this. You get the right devices at the right prices.
Electrician Kent is not limited to smart devices. We have an experience of over 20 years. Our company was established in 1997. Since then, we are continuing to grow. You can avail all types of services with us. We will provide you with ideal repairs and solutions. Once you hire us, we will become your go-to choice of technicians. You can hire our services for:
- Smoke detectors
- Flood lights
- Security lights
- Rewiring and new wiring
- Installation of appliances
- Inspections and repairs
- Cable and socket set ups


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The work of an electrician is an indoor job. This is why you need someone you can trust. With us, honesty comes as a guarantee. We take special care in hiring our staff. None of our technicians has any bad records. They are clean men with families like you and me. There is no scope for any insecurity. You will get honest and reliable services right at your doorstep. When you hire Kent electrician, you get the guarantee of safety.
Time is something we care about a lot. Whether it is our customers’ time or ours, we do not waste it. We are flexible with scheduling our visits. We book visits according to our customers’ convenience. We will be at your place right when you will want us to. You will never have to miss work because of us. We also ensure to never be late. We are punctual with the timings that we promise. When you hire us, you get the services at the right time. Other technicians often take 2-3 days to pay you a visit. We are not like this. With us, you can get a technician within an hour. We will fix your issue within a single day.
When you hire us, you join our hundreds of customers who trust us. We have served over a thousand customers over the years. They still hire us whenever they need any help. This is because of our service quality. We provide services that last. Once we fix an issue, it never troubles you again. You get a permanent solution. With electrician Kent WA, you get the trusted services of expert technicians. You can count on our service any day. We are available for you 24x7. Whenever there is an emergency, feel free to call us. We will be at your service in no time.
Hiring us is easy. Drop us an e-mail on our website. You can call us on our number to book a visit as well!



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