About Us

The growing population demand more electronic gadgets for their safety and easiness which is directly proportional to the demand if more services provided by electricians. From a small restaurant to a highly developed motor company, electricians service is seriously needed for . A restaurant with small kitchen need a lot of machines like cutter, freezer, grinders etc which are use by electricity and for that you need to know good electrician service.
Similarly, a big motor company need lots of more machines to assemble their parts, to make holes or to screw a nail. Which easily gives us idea about the need of electricians and their service in this modern era. Almost in every sector of human life there is a big hand of electricians and their services . The way we are developing and modernized is because we are blessed with the unlimited benefits of the electricians services nowadays. Imagination of a human life without electricity and the gadgets run under it can be compared to the period when people were not socialized and used to live in forest and hunting animals. From a morning cup of tea to the bed at night electricians are seen to be helping people on the race if their life need a Electrician service.

panel services

Residential Repairs & Home Electrical Services with  Indoor, outdoor, and landscape lighting services- installation and wiring

remodeling and rewiring

We design and install home automation systems for existing and new homes & any commercial buildings with remodeling and rewiring.


So we can say that the services they provide to the people in their daily life is to be taken as the basic needs for this generation. The way their services has change our day to day activities us the thing to be remembered as no possible life will be easy without their helps.
Based in Reading, we are the family run business that is dedicated to supporting the home owners, developers, building contractors, interior designers, architects, colleges, schools, as well as local councils with best quality and cost-effective services. Our goal and reputation is our important asset, however large and small the project, we may always go just out of the way in order to make sure that we deliver the positive customer experience. No matter whether we are working in the home, on commercial premises or construction site, you may always find us reliable, responsive, friendly and professional and will finish our work on time.